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  1. Deity

    Seriously wake up!

    do you guys really dont understand that you lose tons of money?also people who want to start the server but they dont because they lose ALL the advantage that premium give ONLY to Russian players.(noone likes to play with dissadvantage) Can anyone of you just do something about that in the next server wipe OR AT LEAST TRY?i am pretty sure you are going to make three times more money from the donations if you open it for all people,i cant see the reason you havent done it yet...that`s just Unprofessional. P.S : Instead of deleting the comment for 3rd time now do something or just F*cking answer the question,its been a whole year EU people spamming in forum and in the end we are just asking you to LET US HELP YOU AND *AT LEAST DOUBLE* YOUR SERVER BUDGET,zzZ.
  2. Deity


    i have the same question,admin dont know Eng to answer apparently,i private messaged him since no forum support exist and i got no answer...