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  1. I shared my opinion with @M0nah. Necro summon die from one hit since other summons do not. It is tot fair to other mages, leave the fact that the summoner is something between mage and tank. But it is mass practice here to have similar hybrids so....
  2. It is very strange to me how many percent the chance is taken down. I would like to know what number according to @Admin is actually 100% in the game...
  3. if you think you have reduced the chance of this stupidity you are wrong...or was it a joke on April 1st?
  4. я бы сказал, что на сервере больше нет трагического и смешного клана, но это не клан, а группа трусов они пытались улучшить баланс между странами...
  5. The problem is not only medusa... The problem is that things are being added to the game without thinking that they may have impact on some chars which are not archer and mage. The mental attack is so broken here that Psycho Symphony (10% success ) land with 5 times more chance than announced... I like GH, it is my favorite char but it is almost impossible to play it The medusa is just one of the debuffs that land every time, but there should be at least any change to resist something... The dagger life is not easy, yes elf daggers do a lot of damage to mages but with this debuff land rate it's insane. In my opinion some things must be changed and I will give you examples(I know you, can understand me and if you like something you can suggest it, people pay attention to you unlike me) SK - tank/mage - it should have some restriction at least not to be able to use Deflect Arrow with robe. The char is ridiculous and absurd. Healers - I know your opinion that they are dead but you know very well it is not true. Every day you can see their impact on the map and how solo players leave and prefer to farm mobs or looking for other server. I would remove the opportunity to have more than one healer in pt, so the influence of parties will be reduced and solo players will feel better(it is not a problem for me I know when I can fight and when I have to leave). Summoners - Today I did 47k in total on one summoner and he was alive. This is not fair to all mages, for example necro summon die from 1 hit since you need much more to kill other summons. Some nerfs in heal must be done. Daggers - After every new season they become more and more useless. Every change on characters is against them, if I make a list of all the added things that are against them it will take a whole page(almost everything added) I think its time to boost a little daggers (their survival). This season mages do on me as AW with full epic set +6 more damage than gOD in frenzy.If you look at the added features there is something for all except daggers(the ww bonus doesn't matter because of slow attack success rate). Mages, archers, tyrants, titans and so on, all are somehow boosted but not the daggers. Seem unfair for me So if there are no changes in directions mentioned above it will be my last season here.
  6. And I am done not with this season but with this server in general. SK that drain for 4k, mage set that comes from H5, all debufs are 100% and for some reason they are still 100%. Even root from healer is close to 100%. It mean - archer or mage or being retarded SK in robe... The char I like is unplayable anymore and I wont waste my time being in medusa and more debuffs than buffs. The archer is boring and I understand you, but it is not possible to play something else...
  7. As I said dark dominate in rush hours (the time when I play) the rest of the time is the same - one of the sides takes everything without resistance. There should be some equality in rush hours, but none, the darks dominate quite tangible. The last epic was taken by light player, and it is first epic taken by light which I remember on this server. I mentioned it before and I will again - some time ago EGOIST and monah clan changed their side and light receive NoClan(again good name). Which clan do you prefer to be on your side? Solo players are at least 80% of the server( I think it is pretty clear) and if the server is not well targeted, they will not remain. At the moment the situation is exactly is just like this - 2-3 parties determine what is going to happen. Given the huge number of solo players I think that it is not right.
  8. Week of domination ? I probably had amnesia. The fact that 4-5 people moved did not change anything. I have not made the dailies for more than 10 days, I saw how light killed lilith once. The light dominate in early morning when online is low, all good pts are dark and in rush hours there is only one side - dark. I really want to change places with you and talk to you in a week. There is one difference between me and you - this is your first season here while for me not. The first seasons I played here I was dark and I know the difference. Monah explained it very well, and he's right but you didn't read what he said. If you believe that light dominate for even one day, you are crazy. Regarding BD "some"it mean let say around 7-8(I count 7 in aden today but maybe I missed someone") with the 100% success this mean than big part of the players are in medusa. And yes we can make a lot of BDs too and keep everything on the map in medusa but it's sad story. If I need to play BD on pvp server I will leave. I am not here to spam medusa, or some ridiculous songs. But as you wish, I see you are one of BDs (I am 100% sure you are bored, for sure you have the same opinion as me but now you just hate everything and defend BD) so your opinion is normal. Personally , if this madness continues I will not do BD, I will leave and this will happen by the end of the week. One thing is for sure - I never will be "cancer". It is much more fun to look at a wall than to stand in a medusa. PS: I'm looking at the results of the vote, I expected at least 90% to vote "YES". What i see is seriously bothering me I really feel sorry for those who voted against(personal understandings)
  9. So what should happens? Maybe if 20-30 people from light make BDs everything will be OK? I do not think . Probably one clan with more online should change all to BD, then we can speak again. If I was ALGA CL I would ask all in clan to make BD and keep everything in medusa mobs and raids including...
  10. I voted for everything -yes. And I hope that this season will be done as quickly as possible.
  11. currently each side has at least 5 BDs who keep half the players in medusa. I do not understand who can win something of this...
  12. I don't understand, are you a masochist?
  13. Why? you like to stay in medusa all day?
  14. No need to nerf BD ? ahahahah there are more BD at the moment on the map than all other characters. If you like to spend more than half of your time in medusa then do it but without me. I am sure you play BD... @Admin I think the problem is urgent, everyone switch to BD just to annoy others hope you will nerf them as soon as you can.
  15. Although there is a similar topic I am opening another to make it clear that this is a huge problem. Guess I'm not the only one who spends half of my time in medusa this is absurd and I'm very bored. The people who play the BD(I don't understand them but their problem) earn nothing but annoy others, that's why I suggest this skill be nerfed a lot and make it possible this season! The buff which we get after receiving medusa says it gives 50% resist but it doesn't work at all. So I have two things to suggest: - make the chance of medusa as sws skills - 10% - (optional) increase reuse time. I am pretty sure a lot of people will support the nerf. Kindly ask you to do this this season. Thanks in advance.
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