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  1. Yea it is but if you know the server and have a little extra time you can do quite well. Many people donate just for premium buff and adena bonus but especially without the 2nd it is a bit difficult
  2. Thanks but no. Maybe next season this season, even if I wanted to, I would have limited time. Regarding the solo character in l2... all are not involved to be solo Yes here yo can play some characters solo and very successful(HE, TH, tyrant, titan in some locations) but that's not the idea of the game. Unfortunately the people I played with don't have time or don't want to play here that's why I play mostly solo like most people on the server I think you know that these statistics are a bit misleading. I don't know if you've watched the posted videos of Kashej if you are not, do it. Adventurer has dash + mirage so this is the answer to the mystery. WR is better than GH here, last season I tried all three types of daggers and found that GH is forgotten by the God and should a get something in addition otherwise it is doomed to kill avadons while there are some on a server and then to leave
  3. It will be without me this season and probably the next and I'll tell you why. I like Ghost Hunter but the character is terribly fucked up, the success of slow attacks let's say it 100%. This turns the character into quite a lot useless and I don't want to play Sagittarius again - the character is disgustingly boring. In general the server line comes down to whether to be a mage or Sagittarius - the close range characters that have no dash skill are fucked up being in some kind of slow, often more than one all time.
  4. Zero updates regarding slow attacks See you next season, I think it will be sooner than previous.
  5. As a person who likes GH very much I would not pay a single adena for such a skill. Maybe other players who have sympathy for the character would speak out but for me it doesn't matter. You may have missed the detail that this skill should be for close range characters which do not have dash skill. I think it is clear why The same as above - if we have resists for close range characters which do not have dash skill ( there is relation with the above) in fact, they are not so many (ignore tyrant he has skills that give speed, same for titan, TH archers, and so on). Since I play on this server range characters become stronger and stronger and soon a character like GH will be completely useless. I mean we can have a book for specific character as GH that will allow to have 3 types of resists. Of course if we have both (resist slow and all resists) they should be expensive and resist slow should be with bigger reuse. last season I played mostly archer, a character I don't like but the money he earns are many times more than GH and if you want development before the server dies the choice comes down to HE/mage glad(in the beginning) later tyrant(being in celestial all time) and at the end titan/dagger. I'm bored with the archer F1 - dash F1 ... and if there no improvements for GH and close range characters in general I will not play this season , I will wait for better times I do not agree with that at all. The last season the strongest characters were mages for sure and I'm not talking about the solo players but the organized ones. In many moments there were mage parties which were almost immortal and dominated over archers and everyone else. Unlike archers mages can afford to play with different setup depend on pvp location and I notice some people who understood this and used it. MA set is better than vesper and at least I think the change is too much (at least resist stun should be removed). Solo players are the main part of the server and the server dies when these players realize that there is no point in playing anymore. I talked to you about this last season and during the season in game and you know my opinion. I did not see that you suggested anything in this direction, but I think that is the most important thing and everything else is a small improvement compared to this. I do not want to open topics in the forum again, about where egoist or any other clan should be so as not to be the server one side. The power of few parties forces solo players one by one to leave the server and it happens too fast. The last season was rescued from quarantine but that won't be the case next season - personal prediction The mindset is something for which nothing can be done and this has been clear in this game for many years so you don't even have to mention it
  6. Instead of adding such a super useless skill I would suggest: - resist slow for all close range chars which do not have dash - opportunity to have all types of resist (water, wind, fire) 10k(and with your suggestion below it will be more) + damage form 50a mage to AW with full epics +6 is cool for the mage but kills the presence of GH in the game. The range characters getting stronger and close range characters are forgotten. GH is my favorite character but last season it was very unpleasant to play with it being constantly in some kind of slow and receiving "lethal" from range chars. Moreover, the dependence on one or two parties remains(which determine the dominance of one of the two parties) and if nothing is done, the balance problems will remain. I would not like to have discussions again about who should change his side in order the server to be more balanced. In my opinion the suggestion should be first in this direction, second to "resurrect" the characters which are killed by adding new features to range characters.
  7. I would answer you the way I do it in the game when I get a message like this, but I doubt you will understand. It is not always interesting for me to deal with immature imbeciles ...
  8. It won't make any difference if you change your side. The truth is that the online is lower and the impact of egoist cannot be overcome. Few days ago the chickens had 2-3 pt with wl and they resisted somewhat, but since they changed their side, these parties have been gone. At least you know that these 2-3 pt that egoist have cannot be killed even by 50 solo players like me. They will farm glory as each season 1-2 weeks more then the next season will have to come. This season is doomed already and no changes will save it. Even if egoist change their side the dark will fall into this situation. Better think for the next season and suggest something for the next season so that this does not happen again Every season what is currently, being repeated is unchanged. They made ~90 titles above their heads, few people run in front of them as tanks, sws, bd and they just press f1 killing everyone in front of them. Even if some dagger sneaks in this and manage to kill one of the healers (which usually are two in pt) it doesn't help. They can be stopped only by insane zerg of tanks,bd,sws and wl but there is no one to do it.
  9. I thought this skill was on the server not only there, I don't know about people in Russia but I have very frequent disconnects
  10. You are a very funny person, you decide everything just without thinking You need a motivator and everything will be fine. We will ignore the impact of strong parties and somehow will kill them. Reality is different and motivation has nothing to do. When you have more and better organized people against you even an idiot won't try to fight when he quickly realizes that it doesn't make sense and no motivations and de-motivations matter. The truth is that the influence of clan egoist is huge and when they change their side to light to solve the balance issue, 2h later (not more) people from dark start cry about balance. The truth is that people from dark side never will accept to loose even for one day, such is the tradition since I play on this server, 6-7 seasons.
  11. Let me tell you something - the dark side is accustomed to always having a numerical advantage, the light side played without any balance for 10 days leaving aside the fact that in general, the darks are more always. You couldn't wait one day and immediately started to cry. Maybe we should all change the side to dark and wait for someone confused newbie to come and race to kill him.. для тех, кто не понимает слова - google translate Позвольте мне сказать вам кое-что: темная сторона привыкла всегда иметь численное преимущество, светлая сторона играла без баланс в течение 10 дней, оставляя в стороне тот факт, что в целом, темные всегда более. Вы не могли ждать один день и сразу начали плакать. Может быть, нам всем следует сменить сторону на темную и ждать, пока кто-нибудь смущенный новичок придет и побежит убивать его ..
  12. Learn English you will only benefit from it
  13. Not only, I like black humour, I'm aware that not everyone likes him and that some are offended and I'm sorry for them. You're wrong about almost everything. - I've been playing here for a few seasons(6-7) but it is the second I am light. - 2-3 day ago I found big amount of bot in their favourite location - cruma. I report them but they are still there. - I would make for you a list of players who are definitely using the extra software and why I think so. You won't like the list but I learned a lot before coming to this server how to distinguish such players. Of course I could be wrong, but not in all cases. - Quarantine is the only reason for the big online. My personal opinion is that this season is not good for various reasons - balance issues on both sides which you should solve (the big clans, it's easy for you to blame the admin when something goes wrong, but when it's up to you, you don't care. Yes, you changed your side but it took you too long to do it), some characters become absurdly powerful while others are forgotten, medusa - admin has announced that he has reduced the chance but this is something I rarely resist.
  14. I did not mention a specific person anywhere or clan. I speak in principle. Whether there are people in your clan who use programs(as adrenaline) will not comment as well as whether someone uses bots. This is what the admin does, or at least he was trying to do it To find out if anyone is using an additional software is easier than people think, but proving is difficult and not my problem. Bots have killed a lot of servers and don't forgive this one either and believe me, if any of your clan uses a bot, you don't have to know I'm glad that you understand me and that anyone is aware of what flame is I have no bad feelings towards anyone.
  15. Someday I may have to make a clear explanation from English to Russian what "flame" means. You are very good at using bots, adrenaline and different types of software to help you play not only this game. But most of you have no idea what "flame" means. Nothing offensive and hope you can translate.
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