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  1. Thanks for the reply. What is the status of this proposal now? Is it still discussed? I would like to vote for it. Also, I would be glad if you can post here any updates about this topic in english. Thank you!
  2. as I play healer as main, I find a bit disadvantagment in the achievements: 100 pvp points + 100 pvp points at the fort/siege. You simply dont get any pvp points as bishop neither as supports like sws/bd. And these classes are imortant in the sieges, but they don't get better/farm like others DDs does by gathering achievements. If you want to stay it like this and keep it "harder" for support classes, then ok, but I though this information would help you. Thank for your time :) firts, I thougt to add some achievemnts like Land debuff on enemy or Cancel debuff on ally or Heal ally, but then I think most effective should be just add Assist the kill, where assists are achieve only if you play support class.
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