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  2. So will i get some help here or what? Так я получу некоторую помощь здесь или как?
  3. So will i get some help here or what? Так я получу некоторую помощь здесь или как?
  4. Does the server do daily restarts ? If a gm doesn't help us, it will probably fix when the server restarts. Сервер ежедневно перезагружается? Если GM не поможет нам, он, вероятно, исправит, когда сервер перезапустится.
  5. Hello, i got bugged during teleport and now i can't login to the server, its just gives the loading screen forever when i click on the character. Going to town in the web doesn't help. Nick "Staubsauger" Google translate ;d Привет, я получил ошибку во время телепорта, и теперь я не могу войти на сервер, он просто дает экран загрузки навсегда, когда я нажимаю на персонажа. Переход в город в сети не помогает. Ник "Staubsauger"
  6. Yes i understand that he makes the most damage on raid boss and i know me or anybody else will never make that damage, but the question is why does does this server make that maximum damage gets the drop. I think this idea is very stupid and unfair. He makes probably a100k adena from rb drops in a day, he can make all friends full in a week lol. My offer would be that if a character makes 2% or 5% or something like that he can get the drop, so 10-20 people can try get the drop. Because now going rb loses all point and interest.
  7. Can someone explain it because I'm having a hard time figuring out whats the point of having raid bosses if the drop is always given to the destro that comes to the raid. Went to 4 raids in a row and all 4 raid drops went to 1 guy, like come on make it that people can get the drop if they make 2-3 % or something like that.
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