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  1. I think there should be a penalty when using bow + frenzy zealot the only way to beat the titans it is with rank. but that a titan hits more than a dark archer is ridiculous bow+zealot+frenzy = broken damage
  2. obviously I use the google translate xD since I don't know how to speak Russian and I don't know much English, Being a solitary player from Argentina I see that the server only plays 4 class, titan mage archer dager .. they do not give priority to the others and they already want to increase more of the advantage that the magicians have. it's ridiculous
  3. Hello, I don't think I need to edit the mage. because they hit very hard and their debuffs are very accurate, being dreadnought I have a hard time beating them if they don't get a stun. but they manage to put Fear or silence doom or anchor me while I'm full jewels boss + lion eart. With that I told you everything. Cheers
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