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  1. Partially fixed by having a pubblic DNS But 1 hour ago, after the reset i have the same problem. Any clues?
  2. It is happening again. Internet seems ok. i'm watching twitch 1080 60 fps without any problem but i still have the error "Error during connection to the server.Check your internet connection" it happens randomly apparently. Someone know how to fix this?
  3. Sokhranyat YA novyy igrok, ya igral v techeniye 6/8 chasov, no ya otklyuchilsya vo vremya igry, a zatem ya poshel delatʹchto-to yeshche. Teperʹ, pytayasʹ voyti v sistemu, ya poluchayu etu oshibku “Oshibka podklyucheniya k serveru. Pozhaluysta, proverʹte podklyucheniye k Internetu o povtorite popytku pozzhe”. Надеюсь, Google Translate не допустил слишком много ошибок.
  4. Hello, I'm new to the server and played like 6-8 h. I got disconnected a few hours Ago and then i went doing some stuff.Now i'm trying to log-in again and an error message appear " Error connecting to server. plese check your internet connection or try it later. " Can someone fix this ?
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