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  1. server full gladiator and dominators and after get a skill for summ class.. the same shit ever..
  2. WTF pk from same faction..? we can t make a group boss form the naabs titan come and pk...WTF is this ?
  3. then all class from wipe will be titan , about epic stone no change to get them need a soulution and for randoms to get one
  4. Tell me how to farm randoms player if i want play mage ? on trasure event is all titan or dagger class.. 1 hit..WTF all srv have to do titan or dagger class ? on rb too that think with Dmg max.. titan also get all rbs.. or necro with spell force.. big clans.. randoms players have no change to farm .. All events wins if titan in team.. if no lose. all event win titan..
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