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  1. Takaja ze problem, sicias uze s main accountam nimogu zaiti @Admin
  2. Nop there is no classic client in english, im hoping for this like 3-4 wipes already. @Admin In my opinion there is like ~20% international players
  3. na etom starte kak ta ocen mnogo bagov
  4. Classic client tut ocen slabyj...
  5. - Sonic Blaster, Sonic Buster, Sonic Storm - урон от скиллов снижен на 15% - VOT ETO OCEN SILNO PAREZALI, -30% gladov na starte!
  6. I'm playing in this server arround 2 last year's with some brake's, and please some 1 explain me why @Admin can't fix so annoying problem with side balance? Server started 16 days ago, but ALL CARAVAN's, stolen and safed, almost all Raid bosses, Castle sieges, some of mini event's BELONG TO DARK SIDE? what is happening here? why dark's farming 100% more glory point's than light's. Is it so hard to fix it? @Трисс Меригольд @Ryuk Lot's of light player's just changing faction to other in the morning, and now we got our clan (Agitation) and some 25-50adena worth player's. It's making me so agry, thnx for answer support's
  7. kidaet crit error vsio ravno @misha69
  8. Im still waiting for Classic patch upload in download section, why still louds of people can't find them even in search section at forum. Also one guy added his own patch, and after u add it u got bugged geodata. Maybe it's time to do ur own Patch? becouse now it's realy bad.... @Shell About interlude client im also realy sad, its hard to get target's with it. In mass fight's u are lagging as sh1t. And peoples who are playing with necros CDL need's to play only IL client.
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