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  1. I know that servers like this have a problem with the mental skill success rate, but on this server, it is too much. I strongly advise you to check mental attack for next season and change something! What do I mean: I see here the success of some skills for the first time in this game - for example I receive poison from a dagger for the first time, I saw how some people use skills that no one has on his bar in all other servers in l2 world as confusion, venom, madness and so on. I see someone to use those skills for the first time in l2 and they land each time! I see people here speak about entangle success rate but it is a mental attack issue in general. The success rate of mental attack is a problem on l2j servers but here is triple "J". Of course, this has an impact on SWS/BD skills success, I don't know about the others but I will probably leave the server in medusa having a song of silence, entangle, psycho symphony and demonic - they are like passive skills that the server has. I don't know who this fun is for but it's not for me. Each of us has spent at least 20% of our time online at medusa which is absurd. I'm logging in here to pvp not to watch my paralyzed debuffed character without doing anything. A few days ago during "pvp" for raid, I got medusa in the beginning and I stayed in it until the raid died or ~15 min. Take this as a suggestion/request a mental attack success rate to be chacked and reduced drastically and in particular SWS/BD skills! PS: I understand Russian so much that it is clear to me that others are also annoyed with what I mentioned above. I'm not the only one who's tired of this nonsense and I will miss the next seasons if there are no changes in this direction. PS2: If there no changes I would collect two pt - one full of BDs and one full of SWSs I guess you know they'll hold the whole side in medusa/sleep/silence and other sh1ts... we probably need to do it to understand the administration on this server that it has to do something with these two characters :O
  2. BadInBack

    Accounts stealing

    And I was wondering why you disappeared... Unfortunately Russian servers except with their big online are famous with things like bot programs, adrenaline, and in your case fishing. If you think for a while, you will realize that the admin has nothing to do, so he didn't show up. There is no server to deal with Russian hacks, including the official - I thought you knew it. What probably happened is that you have a keylogger on your computer after visit this site( I don't know, just guess). if I'm right it means these people have all the passwords you typed out of your keyboard. I strongly recommend you to change all the passwords you enter and reinstall your windows just in case. If you look at the number of banned bots, the number of people who sell adena/items, the number of people who recommend other servers or any sites(basically fishing) you will understand that it is perhaps impossible to deal with these people. Even if the admin manages to do something it will not stop these people what they are doing and they will find another way to do it. This is the black side of Russian L2 and you have become a victim of it. To not sound racist I have to say that fishing is practiced a lot on the web Install antivirus software, addons for your browsers and change the pin of your card :O. Next season do not visit such pages, don't respond to people who offer you something on pm, and congratulations - now you have experience with Russian L2 PS: Next season use the feature to lock your account by HWID
  3. BadInBack

    Donation(possible solution)

    Thank you very much! I hope for next season there will be easier option to donate. PS: probably in the regions you mentioned, people are happier There they have no "serious" problems like us :O
  4. BadInBack


    Spamming medusa has one big affect - people spend too much time in fort/villages doing nothing. All can do something more funny than being in medusa waiting cast. The dynamic of the game is broken and many got annoyed and leave. Instead of pvp somewhere on the map we(both sides) stay in medusa, sleep etc. Yesterday I left my char in one of the villages( the cast was started) I had dinner, went out with friends about 40 min and when I came back I was still alive and cast was still in progress. Do you see something funny? I don't and it is not funny for all except for a few bladedancers/swordsingers who keep spam those skills. Sad story...
  5. BadInBack


    Google transle: Как вы думаете, вы можете заработать больше денег с BD чем с titan или mage ? это большая ошибка... Я не имею ничего против poison blade dance но какая польза от медузы для тебя? такой же как song of silence, sleep etc... нет никаких преимуществ Вы просто раздражаете других, вот и все
  6. BadInBack


    https://translate.google.bg/?hl=bg#view=home&op=translate&sl=en&tl=bg&text=english to russian
  7. BadInBack


    And your goal by playing BD on pvp server is? Do you know how many pt stop play in low rate servers due to lack of BD? It's ridiculous really, port, medusa 100% success of demonic/poison and all you need is C grade duals. At least the reuse of them and in particular port should be bigger... But you always can make these two characters more annoying - add them song of slow, song of fear, song of hex, song of gloom ... The side that has cancers can win every map and people like me getting really pissed off... By pleasing a few people with an unclear purpose in the game people like me get annoyed and they are a lot... I won't spend so much time in the game having "passive" sws/bd debuffs for nothing PS: I don't know whose idea it was to add song of sleep and port but I would argue with him to death how good this idea is and what is the benefit of adding these skills. Really next season I try to make one pt of swordsingers and one of BDs GL to the other side to cast something...
  8. BadInBack


    Before the season started, there was an idea to increase the price of books for SWS/BD( I really have no idea why it was not accepted). For some reason, this idea was not accepted( the fact that the admin wanted to do something like that meant he noticed a problem). What does this lead to - in less than 10 days from the start of the server the impact of these two characters is as huge as it is not per 100 people. For 30 minutes in game 20 you spend at medusa/silence/sleep/demonic/psycho, often you have more than one of the listed. The success rate of those "cancer" skills is insane and depends on nothing. After the server community keeps the price of books to stay this should be respected but I think it's fair the skill success rate to depend on something (weapon, jewels) That's why I suggest: 1.Make dependency on weapons and jewels for a chance of success for medusa/silence/sleep/demonic/psycho. 2. Increase a little bit their reuse time or reduce their range at least. PS: I understand why would one person play one of these two characters if there is a clan to help but this is not the case in 99% of cases. Most people who play these two characters are solo and their only intention is to annoy others. I understand Russian enough to understand what they are writing after using any of the skills listed above. Currently, if 6-7 of these two heroes come together can keep the whole side debuffed probably all night. PS2: last 40 min we spend in medusa/sleep in one vilage doing noting :O Вы не понимаете, что написано выше - используйте переводчик Google, как я
  9. BadInBack

    Donation from other countries

    for all archers? A lot of people bought boost attack speed without knowing it wasn't for them
  10. BadInBack

    Donation from other countries

    One question - who the Critical Power book is intended for?
  11. BadInBack

    Donation from other countries

    To transfer money there again everything is in Russian and there is also the same problem as the site - does not accept the card as valid. The only way that works is bitcoin but for most people it's complicated. Every season there are more and more players from outside Russia and if there is an easy opportunity to donate + translated features( max enchant, how the enchant system works(something not clear even to me, and I have a few seasons here) the number of non-Russian players will increase.
  12. BadInBack

    Donation from other countries

    This has been mentioned many times but unfortunately without doing anything about it. In fact, the card donation option is meaningless because the system rejects almost all cards. The bitcoin option remains and works, but this is too complex an option not for everyone. I hope the server admin will really do something about this next season. Adding English to the server page increased the non-Russian people playing on the server and those asking for donations have also increased. In addition to the topic - wiki of the server would be great if we had it in English, or at least features. I have been playing here for several seasons and I still don't know everything about the server. The people often ask how they can make a high-level clan, how to learn clan skills, how much is safe enchant, where to get the gemstones from, who custom books in the store are valid for and so on. I remember one person ( Monah if I'm not mistaken ) has a major contribution to the availability of English. Maybe he would help a little more
  13. Hi, I reopen a similar topic after talking to the bank where I have my card. I asked them why I couldn't make a payment to you and their answer was that the translation I'm trying to make is in Russian rubles and that they have nothing to do. In simple words, hardly anyone will be able to make a money transfer outside Russia. Any self-respecting bank blocks such a transfer, in fact, I tried with cards of my friends who have cards in other banks and the result is the same - I can't transfer you Russian rubles from Europe... According to bank staff if the account to which I transfer money is in USD there will be no problems. In addition, I have transferred money to shops through eBay in Russia without any problems... This is absurd - I can transfer money to countries where there is no electricity( joke) and I can not in a big country like Russia. I can't believe that after so many topic openings from other people, you haven't done something so simple yet ... Please try to solve the problem, in my opinion, it is a simple thing( just call the bank that serves your accounts and explain to them what you want - be able to receive money transfers outside Russia ) Thanks in advance. PS: https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Payments-Archive/Can-t-send-money-to-Russia/td-p/918453
  14. BadInBack

    Дата открытия

    Sorry, I can't in Russian hope you understand me. I'm one of the people who play 2-3 hours per day but on Saturdays and Sundays, I do not work and can spend more time. This is valid for all who have to go to work and school on Monday. By Wednesday( day 4 of the opening ) I will have 9-10 hours of playtime without any chance of more, while those who are free during the week will have more on Monday. If you open the server on Friday, on day 4, the difference between those like me and those with a lot of free time will not be that big and the beginning will not be so easy for those with a lot of free time. If the server opens on Friday, people like me will at least have a chance not to be far behind people with a lot of free time in just 2-3 days of play. In a few words, if the server starts on Friday I will at least have a chance to be close in playing hours to people with a lot of free time, while if you open it on Sunday this chance is completely taken away from me. In addition, if someone with a lot of free time makes a donation will have items I probably won't have until the end of the season. Of course, this is inevitable, but if you start the server on Friday at least there will be a chance for an equal start to everyone in the first 2-3 days whose influence you correctly mention is great.
  15. BadInBack

    New season start day change request

    This is not the rule but an admin decision that can be easily modified if desired